>> Sunday, June 15, 2014

There is something about the rains... I am writing this its raining outside. Can hear the plitter platter of the rain drops on my window... Rains make me feel happy, romantic, sad, nostalgic all at the same time... Strange.

Rains bring with them a new hope, new life, the trees outside and all shiney and fresh. The birds all go quiet. Have you ever noticed they way birds sit in their nests protecting their brood? Its so reassuring that when everything is falling apart, there are some things which are still the same. For that matter, even watching a bird build its nest, is so insightful. Im sure we can never build it the way birds can even with our hands. And they manage to do it with their beaks !! Can watch this magic for hours..

Rains remind me of events which happened ages ago but seem just like yesterday.. Had it really been 10 long years? If only I could change a few incidents... Its funny how a single decision can change your life. Thet say you should always act according to what your heart says. But that that be a very foolish decision at times. 

I remember, when I was younger, I wanted my life to be different that the others. Not the set life which everyone was /is leading. But sometimes or rather usually, a boring , predictable life is good. Really good.


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